Selling Lake Property

If you are on a premier lake with a level lot and good shoreline, there is always a lot of demand for properties like yours. If your lake and lot are more marginal, it will be harder to find the perfect buyer. Most lakeshore buyers want the best lakeshore and the best lakes, even though they can’t always afford it. Like anything, it all comes down to supply and demand…and that ALWAYS equates to price!

As a waterfront specialist for three decades across Minnesota and Western Wisconsin, I’ve talked to thousands of lakefront buyers during my career. Because of that, I have a strong sense of what it takes to make a lake home or cabin attractive to the greatest number of lookers, and can help give guidance in creating the most appeal so that you don’t miss that one buyer who may come along.

If you are fortunate enough to be on a premier lake with perfect elevation, sand beach, and all the other desirable criteria that the majority of lake buyers have in mind, I can help give you a range of prices that can help you maximize your return without scaring buyers away with an unreasonable asking price. If your lake or lakeshore is a bit less desirable, there are still things that can be done to make it more attractive to the buyers who cannot afford the highest value lakeshore. And with my team of lakeshore specialists across the state, we use a combination of localized and nationwide niche marketing to attract the vast amount of lakeshore buyers so that we don’t miss the one that could be perfect for your lake property.