Company Information

Move It Real Estate Group powered by is a unique real estate company, in that its origins came from its lakeshore expertise. Dan & Sandy Anderson, brokerage owners, began specializing in lake properties about 30 years ago, and have grown their business into a well-rounded, statewide real estate company, but still heavily focused on lake properties.

Since many of the company agents work mostly with lake homes, cabins, waterfront lots, and large tracts of recreational land, they tend to be very knowledgeable in the values of these types of properties because of their concentration. For a seller, that means more accurate pricing due to the agent’s strong inner sense of values and timing necessary to get a particular property sold. That is also a huge factor in the ability to get buyer activity and offers on homes and land within this niche market.

For buyers, there is no question of the value a specialized agent can provide. As they continuously show the same waterfront properties over and over, and are aware of the ones that actually sell, they are keyed in to relative values from lake to lake, and can give strong opinions on one property over another. Just like an agent who specializes in condos in Downtown Minneapolis, or one who is focused on a single development or two in the suburbs, this is the type of direction and representation most helpful to a buyer in any segment of real estate.

Any agent can email you properties from the MLS, or even open a lockbox to get you in the home, but it is only with experience in their area of expertise that an agent can truly represent you in the home buying process. And if you want the best possible marketing available for your waterfront property in this day and age, you won’t find a better solution than and our wide array of other high-traffic waterfront websites.