Greater Grand Rapids/Itasca County Lakes

The Grand Rapids area covers waterfront real estate throughout Itasca County around the communities of Grand Rapids, Coleraine, Deer River, Marcell and Bigfork, as well as many smaller towns in the region. As you enter Itasca County from the south, you will get a sense that this is where the “true north” begins. The pines are a bit larger, and the lakes a bit bigger, deeper and clearer. And…the solitude is a little more noticeable, as the Chippewa National Forest and almost limitless public forests house some of the most pristine lakes in Minnesota. Grand Rapids is the main hub of the region, with a population on the sign of only about 11,000 – but there are closer to 40,000 year-round residents in close proximity. Being at the crossroads of two major highways: Highway 169 and Highway 2 – and set amongst 1,000 lakes in Itasca County alone – the community has a wide array of shops, restaurants, resorts and large retail stores, along with its continuous flow of traffic to and fro.