Lake of the Woods Area Real Estate

Lake of the Woods Area Real Estate covers lakefront properties on Lake of the Woods, along with waterfront homes, cabins and lots on the Rainy River past Baudette, Minnesota. See all other Bemidji/Northwest MN Region Lake Areas

Lake of the Woods is another lake that kind of speaks for itself when it comes to being at the head of the table for large lakes. At close to a million acres in surface area between the United States and Canada – about a third of it within Minnesota’s borders – you won’t get bored on a pontoon boat ride around this one. But you may very well get lost…or capsized!

To live on Lake of the Woods, you need to love “big water.” And you need to be okay with not using the lake on days that are a bit windy…because you simply can’t. But with all that said, Lake of the Woods provides incredible fishing, unmatched scenery, and recreational opportunities not available anywhere else.

From the west end of the Minnesota Waters in the Roseau County city of Warroad, to the east end of the lake just north of Baudette in Lake of the Woods County, you will find lake cabins and homes along much of the shoreline, mixed in with public lands and lowlands at times, typically at prices quite a bit lower than similar lake properties in other areas of the state. And if you are happy with just being able to get to the big water easily by boat, you may also want to consider waterfront properties on the Rainy River, as you can travel many miles inland from the lake – to Baudette and beyond – on this highly navigable waterway, which also offers its own great fishing.

Oh, and if you really want to get away from it all, there are also lake properties available in the Northwest Angle…and even on some of the islands there. But you might just have a hard time finding a real estate agent to show them to you!

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Lake of the Woods: 950,410 Acres (344,227 in Minnesota)
Rainy River

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